How are your bars made?

Each of our bars is carefully hand-crafted and temperature controlled. To ensure excellence, we make our bars in small batches and store them just long enough to cure before use.

How long will one bar last?

With daily use, one bar will last an average of two months. Since each person is different and uses different amounts, the life of a bar can vary. While the bar does not have an expiration date, it does not contain synthetic preservatives. Every ingredient is natural. We suggest you replace your bar after two years if you haven’t used it all. The natural ingredients tend to deteriorate over that length of time.

Is this safe for pregnancy?

We recommend you check with your midwife or doctor before use if you have any questions or concerns. Our company began from a desire to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy. We made our Koko Bar just for that purpose with ingredients known to be safe for use during pregnancy. Our KokoMint Bar does contain certain essential oils which some people have said are not safe for pregnant or nursing women.

How do I store my bar?

We recommend storing your bar in a cool, dry area. Since natural butters have a low melting temperature, we strongly recommend keeping it from direct sunlight or heat. That includes your car. You can also store your bar in the fridge. We suggest sealing it in a plastic bag so it doesn’t pick up any contaminates or undesirable smells. To harden a softened bar, you can put it in the fridge or freezer for a couple hours.

How do I use this?

Just swipe it directly onto your skin or warm the bar in your hands to soften it. Once you have a layer of butter on your skin, rub it in until it’s well absorbed. For stretch mark therapy, we recommend using it twice a day. To use as a massage oil, warm it in your hand first to melt.